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DinnerStella Rosa Platinum

paired with Orange Miso Salmon

Sparkling wines such as the Stella Rosa Platinum maintain a popular pairing position for their ability to mimic the strengths found in both red and white wine profiles. Taking the rosé wine theme and adding some serious bubbles in the form of a brut rosé Champagne or sparkling wine promises to elevate the elegance factor while the bright acidity cuts through the rich, oily layers of the fish allowing unique preparation styles, spices, and seasonings to shine through the palate structure.

DinnerBlack Stallion

paired with fried Red Snapper

Black Stallion Chardonnay from Napa Valley, California is a well-balanced choice for our whole fried Red Snapper. It’s subtly oaky and elegant.

DessertStella Rosa Black

paired with dessert

Stella Rosa definitely takes the cake as America’s favorite semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine. Their approachable sweetness can turn any wine novice into an enthusiast in just one sip! Stella Rosa’s semi-sweet, semi-sparkling lineup is full of refreshing and delicious flavors. Their versatility allows them to pair well with a wide variety of dishes like pizza, pasta, fresh fruit, and desserts.


paired with dessert

Mossback Pinot Noir is a blend of Russian River Valley fruit from growers that winemaker Dan Cederquist has worked with for many years. This could be called Dan’s Farmer’s Market blend; the best grapes purchased from the best farmers from Dan’s many years of winemaking experience in the Russian River. This is a classic Russian River Pinot Noir with complex aromas of earth and fruit.

DessertBlack Stallion

paired with dessert

The Heritage wines are crafted from Napa Valley fruit and maintain Black Stallion Estate Winery’s commitment to highlighting the best of Napa Valley. A perfect wine to pair with our sweet desserts.

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